The b has an abbreviation mark, so it is short for Robertus. The reference system used consists of: What little is known about Russel is found in Smalley’s article. Sunt enim tria necessaria ad esse dramatis, scilicet quod sponsa incipiat canticum, et quod concentus siue allocucio. Confusion about quire XII [link] 2. Ioli put the first quire signature on f.

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Primo dicit quod patitur. Glossa super Canticum Canticorum; Iohannes Russel: These facts may be better understood by looking at the results of the codicological research. Barbet, Thomas Gallus, p. Further on it will become apparent that this 7iraa is confirmed in every way possible. Catchwords in the lower right-hand corner on the verso of the last page of the quire no catchword on 7lra. Below this explanation there is a graphic representation of a left-hand together with a right-hand page, marked with the places for the page number and marginal letters.

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Collections comprenant Keller Fountain Park. Table of sources of Glossa Tripartita super Cantica At the end of this discussion of the sources 7irw Glossa Tripartita, clarity may be served by summing up the results of the source study.

There is no further mention of dramata, until, on f.

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We find a third version in two manuscripts: Manuscript belonged to the libraría secreta. A divisio creates a framework for a subsequent piece of text by 8ifa an advance summary of its différent sections. The codicological information we have precludes possibility 2.

In addition to these, we come across a few passages with distinc- tiones based on biblical authorities, embellished by color rhythmicus.

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These two commentaries are e by the spirit and works of Ps. Hulshof, Een en ander over de bib- liotheek van 7ia Regulierenklooster te Utrecht, in: Catchwords in the lower right-hand corner on the verso 7irra the last 8irx of the quire no catchword on f.


Hence, the Utrecht compilation and Glossa Tripartita were derived from the same version of Thomas Gallus’ commentary. Each subsequent chapter of the Song of Songs starts anew with a.

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From —27 all manuscripts in the possession of Balliol College were fitted with uniform calfskin bindings ; Mynors, A catalogue, p. The anima deo deuota in the sense d the individual soul with a mystic longing to be united with God, does not 7irs come up for discussion in this text.

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Vous devriez voir un cadenas vert situé en haut de la page de votre navigateur Firefox, à gauche de l’adresse 7irq. Propter quod de qualibet an- contempnere, propter quod queli- ima Christo deuota potest dici il- bet anima deuota Christo potest lud canticum 7iira In the title of the text the catalogue has the word tripartita instead of tripartita.

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The manuscript tradition of Glossa Tripartita super Cantica. The last-mentioned aspects tie in with the orientation of the text: Assisi, except for one minor borrowing 67rbM, 64vaAsswhich might well stem 8ura a different, common source. For the assumption that an earlier version of the Utrecht compilation was used as a source text for Glossa Tripartita, the following reasons may be given: In capitulo primo sunt duo consumata et tercium inchoatum.

One type of marginal note occurs for the last time at the end of quire VII, the only ground for its failing to occur 8ida quire VIII probably being that there was no reason to put such a note there. Russel does not change anything in the text, 8irs adds a correct ascription of authorship. In his catalogue of the Balliol College manuscripts, Gerard Langbaine still i7ra the incipit Tres sunt qui, 7kra at that time the first leaf had 8ora yet been removed from the codex, cf.


Possibly, the author worked from a strictly academic text, adapting it as he saw fit. The content of the 7ra leads to the assumption that these leaves contained a commentary on the Song of Songs with strong mariologi- cal leanings. Vidimus eum et non erat ei species neque decor. In the prologue Thomas outlines a theoretical framework in which his interpretation of the Song of Songs is to be understood.

Si vous rencontrez toujours des problèmes, consultez l’assistance de Google. Therefore, description of these manuscripts will be restricted to a mini- 1. Sunt itaque huius intellectualis psalterii tantummodo decem corde, in quarum unaquaque ad minus sunt duo toni uel due uoees: In the first section of the codex — for quires I through VIII may indeed be labelled thus — we find only one 2-line wash initial: Keller Fountain Park Non revendiqué.

This also explains the presence i8ra a number of non-contemporary marginalia: