Asylum in America

The USA is a popular country for migration. Regardless of the chosen method of moving, the Migration Service of America receives thousands of applications annually. Political migration is no exception in this process.

      Political asylum is a special status. It is issued to a person on the basis that his/her life is in real danger.

      Appeal to the US government is not a guarantee of asylum, but becomes the basis for a detailed examination of the application. The choice of the United States as the host country is based on the advantages of such a state for refugees.

political asulum

      Advantages of the procedure in America:

      1. Submission of documents. The petition procedure in America is simple and affordable. Compared to other migration methods, obtaining asylum does not require such a large investment of time or resources. To start considering documents, a migrant just needs to fill out an application. There are no restrictions on sending a request either by gender, or by nationality or age principle.

      2. Legal life, employment, affordable services. Filing an application does not give refugee status, but the review process allows you to legally reside in the country. If the decision on the case is not made within 150 days, the foreigner has the right to file a petition for work permission. If the second application is approved, the future refugee receives a social security number.

      3. Obtaining citizenship in the future. If the asylum application is approved, the migrant is entitled to apply for the green card several years later.

      Decision Aid

      Political asylum in the USA is a complex process during which you and your family must take into account many nuances. Immigration specialists at will tell you how to create a strong case for political asylum. We will prepare you for the interview, find experienced psychologists and lawyers.      This is the most important stage, which is very difficult to pass on your own. Insufficient preparation can lead to a delay in the entire procedure, unnecessary waste of time, money, nerves, and the need to collect additional documents. Our task is to help you get political asylum in the USA.

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