Felix Zulauf talks about stocks

Felix Zulauf

Source: goldmoney.com

The S&P has reached a record high level. Some has tried to compare this peak to the 2000 and 2007 stock market tops. However, some like Broker Josh Brown remind investors that the comparison stops with a nominal price. Stocks are much reasonably priced than they were before the 2 crashes of the markets.

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Kyle Bass – Letter to Investors

The founder of Hayman Capital Kyle Bass is of the opinion that central banks enable the fiscal profligacy, removing the widely-known policemen from the highway of the bond market. The balances and checks of what he calls “normal” interest rates will be eliminated altogether, if the central banks purchase everything of bond issuance which is used for financing the fiscal deficits. This phenomenon does absolutely nothing to make the body politic take its foot of the accelerator. His biggest fear is that this tendency of printing and spending money will go on and it will push inflation to manifest itself.

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