Hosting a Project in China

Whether you’re already doing business in the Asian region or only thinking of branching out there, it would be a smart decision to host your project (or a part of it) in China. By using the VPS China node, you’ll be able to get the fastest and most reliable connection with your potential customers in the Asian market. 

Why VPS?

One thing you have to know about the market in Asia as that it’s huge and the competition there is cut-throat. To stay on top you need a stable and fast website to provide great customer experience to any potential leads and existing clients, and secure storage to keep all your data.

VPS hosting provides all of the above. Its advantages include:

  • resources for your site aren’t shared with any other users, therefore you always know what you can count on;
  • you’re in control of your server;
  • backup storage is independent and highly secured;
  • SSD caching which leads to faster and better processing.

Which VPS hosting provider to choose

While the Chinese region is full of companies offering hosting services, you’ve got to be careful to find the most reliable one. We recommend HostZealot as this provider check all of the most important boxes:

  1. 24/7 impeccable customer support.
  2. Power backup system.
  3. Highly secured data center.
  4. Climate control in the server center.
  5. Reliable network connections that never fail.
  6. KVM virtualization and multiplatformity.

You are getting all of the above no matter which plan you choose. HostZealot has a variety of those to choose from. They differ in prices, available RAM, CPU, bandwidth, and some other nuances, so you can choose the right combination of cost and functionality suitable for your needs. And don’t worry, the plan can always be customized and upgraded later if you want.

Making an informed decision will ensure that your site is always online, running smoothly and you can dedicate time and resources to more creative work, like planning out a business strategy in the Asian market.

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