There’s Treasure Everywhere: Turning waste into money

Environmental pollution is an increased content of physical, chemical or biological reagents that are not characteristic of this environment and are brought in from the outside, the presence of which leads to negative consequences.

      For several decades, scientists have been sounding the alarm about a near environmental disaster. Studies in various fields lead to the conclusion that we are already facing global changes in climate and the environment under the influence of human activity. The pollution of the oceans due to leaks of oil and oil products, as well as garbage, has reached enormous proportions, which affects the decline in the populations of many animal species and the ecosystem as a whole. A growing number of cars every year leads to a large release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which, in turn, leads to drainage of the earth, heavy precipitation on the continents, and a decrease in the amount of oxygen in the air. Some countries are already forced to bring water and even buy canned air, because production has spoiled the country’s environment. Many people have already realized the danger and react very sensitively to negative changes in nature and basic environmental problems, but we still perceive the possibility of a catastrophe as something unrealistic and distant.

      How to turn waste into money?

     GreenPower is an international company that focuses on developing and manufacturing eco-friendly charcoal kilns. We provide the following equipment for charcoal production:

  • Continuous charcoal kiln BIO-KILN: If you want to get high-quality charcoal, than this installation is definitely for you. It uses thermal processing of various materials of plant origin.
  • Charcoal kiln EKKO-2: This kiln is created for processing carbon-containing materials of plant origin for getting high-quality charcoal and heat energy.
  • Charcoal kiln “Continuous”: It processes wood in order to obtain charcoal products.  

      Don`t lose your opportunity to become environmentally friendly and help our planet to survive, contact GreenPower.

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