What are the Basic Linux Commands for Beginners?

Sometimes it is difficult to configure the server by hand, especially if you work with VPS for the first time. You should know about the most important and basic Linux commands for easy server settings use. Today’s article is going to be useful for many beginners. 

Linux is the most popular project. More than 95% of different servers are provided by Linux. It is a convenient and fast OS and you need to know all the lists of its commands for easy configuration. The number of commands is infinite (and we can’t write them all) but we have collected the most important.

The list of the most important commands

  1. MKDIR. It is a creation of new directories. The most convenient option is -p (Parents), which allows you to create the entire subdirectory structure with one command, even if they don’t already exist;
  1. FILE. It command shows you the type of file;
  1. CP. Allow you to copy all files and directories. Add the options -a (Archive) or -r (Recursive). They provide recursive copying;
  1. RM. If you want to clean up all files and folders, you can use this command. It removed files and folders. Use the option -r to start the recursive copying. Be careful: the RM command deletes all files without return;
  1. CHOWN. It is a command that changes a file’s owner. It is convenient if you need to allow access for a certain person;
  1. IS. Let you know about the files, which are situated in a certain directory. To see hidden files, use the option -a;
  1. TOUCH. Allow creating a new file. It can be any type;
  1. LOCATE. One of the most important commands. Use it if you have forgotten about the file’s location. It shows in which directory the document is;
  1. ECHO. If you need to move some text into the file, use it. For instance, “echo I think it is good >> file.txt. 

These are the most important commands to easy configuration and using the VPS server. By the way, you can order the VPS hosting server Latvia quickly. Be on the right track with Host World!

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