The concept of a VPS server means something between a shared hosting and a physical dedicated server. This technology allows you to run a separate virtual machine on a single physical server. Such a server can host several virtual machines at the same time. There are two types of virtual servers: VPS (Virtual Private Server) and VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server), both of them emulate the work of a physical machine, and differ in the virtualization method.

      VDS is implemented at the hardware level, and VPS is implemented at the operating system level. The abbreviations listed are synonymous, although VPS provides more options. You can rent a virtual server at an affordable price from HostZealot.

      What Are the Benefits of Poland VPS Server?

      This type of hosting service has several advantages, among them:

•         Flexibility of settings. The client is granted root access, which allows you to manage the virtual machine as a personal computer. The client is limited only in the number of allocated resources. Choosing VPS, you will be able to delete / modify any system files; control processes running on the server; the ability to scale the server.

•         High stability. When using VPS, all virtual machines work in isolation, without interfering with each other, which guarantees high stability, unlike shared hosting.

•         Performance. In shared hosting, all web projects share resources. The most popular websites will pull more power, slowing down the work of other resources. This problem is resolved in VPS, the allocated resources belong only to your project, which increases the website performance.

•         IP addresses. If you use shared hosting, then often you have one IP address available. VPS has its own IP, ports and routing rules. This allows you to assign a different IP address for each website.•         Backup. Using VPS makes it possible to backup server data. The interval between copies can be different from one day to one week. Also, data storage requires disk space. The size of this space and the shelf life are limited. Some providers provide this service for free.

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