Who are we?

We sincerely believe that services of non-emergency medical transportation and homecare are so important in the USA, especially in the connection of today’s world pandemic. The elderly and people who can’t get to the medical point have a need for everyday care. Sometimes it happens that NEMT or homecare companies just can’t cope with everyday challenges and they need additional help. For this reason, we created a powerful iSiTechnology company to create a special software product for your project. We hope to make our world better by making our lovely work. 

Why should you choose us?

The goal of our iSiTechnology project is to improve the performance, quality, and productivity of your company. Our industries, as billing, scheduling, routing, homecare, safety, and special NEMT software complement each other in order to build a powerful software product. We consider all components of a great strategy to develop your company quickly and greatly. 

Sometimes it happens that non-emergency medical transportation needs additional help. Our RouteGenie product is a powerful NEMT software, which helps to cope with everyday challenges. Strong dispatching, routing, scheduling, and billing systems provide an excellent service. Homecare software is the best option for the elderly and people with disabilities. Thus, they will be calm and will not worry about their health, and our employees will save energy. A HealthGuard Technology Safety Portal is our web-based application where people can learn about their body temperature with the help of smart cameras. Every day monitoring the health of people can warn us about the need for a trip to the doctor. 
We hope to make our world better and improve the performance of NEMT and homecare projects by creating a special software product. https://isi-technology.com/ is your opportunity to develop.

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